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Computers R Us
We are a premier computer resource.  We have computers, external monitors, printers, everything you need for sale or rent.  Our prices are competitive and our service is superior.
Condos Canada
We have the best condos, apartments, and homes for rent or purchase.  Luxurious style and comfort and only minutes away from the swankiest metropolitan nightlife.
Giles House of Confections
WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR GOURMET CAKES, COOKIES, AND BROWNIES. LET US ADD A LITTLE SWEETNESS TO YOUR WORLD. Giles House of Confections is a custom bake shop with an audacious fervor for providing delicious southern desserts made from inherited family recipes using real ingredients. Our confections are made to order and ship nationwide and internationally.  Our hearts, love, and passion are added to every confection we create.  From our fabulous birthday cakes to our Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies, every detail, every ingredient is handcrafted and selected especially for you.  We are Giles House of Confections, and we bring your edible dreams to life. ™️
Jordan's Paw Paradise
Jordan's Paw Paradise offers an exceptional selection of gourmet food options, therapeutic bath additives, and exquisite pet decor for your Pampered Pooch to enjoy, relax, and live his/her best life. Our food products are mindfully curated with the health and vitality of your Pampered Pooch in mind. Each meal has select health benefits and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Our therapeutic bath additives are made for your Pampered Pooch to enjoy a luxurious soaking to sooth itchy skin and sore muscles. JPP's amazing pet decor includes handmade, crochet blankets with a soft, velvety backing that will embrace your Pampered Pooch with loving warmth and comfortability. Jordan's Paw Paradise is the home of the ultimate Pampered Pooch where he/she will enjoy fine dining and exquisite living.